About Us

Welcome to the amazing world of luxury raw and virgin human hair.  

At PIERRETTE COLLECTION, we focus on providing a unique human hair experience to all of our customers.

Hence, the quality of the raw and virgin hair that we sell is of the utmost importance to our brand.

This is why our hair is naturally sourced, 100% unprocessed human hair with each bundle provided by a single donor. 

The authenticity of our hair is proven by the different variations present in each bundle of hair.

When you purchase from PIERRETTE COLLECTION, we guarantee that none of your bundles will contain animal hair strands or synthetic fibers. 

Our team is passionate about hair and we look forward to becoming your trusted source for all of you raw hair needs. 


Thank you for shopping with us. 

And remember that with PIERRETTE COLLECTION, it's all about #ABC. 

Always Be Cute.